Turn-key Solution to power any On-Demand business idea!

Creating an on-demand service app business immediately helps in getting an instant local market focus with ease. SimTechno's readily available turnkey solutions help light up such an on-trend online solutions. All our solutions are available for both iPhone and Android devices. Needless to say, this user-friendly app script helps in benefiting the city drivers and users in a seamless manner. It facilitates the app with an exclusive set of features that makes you to stay put in this industry. With these facilities, your app will effortlessly connect the users to an ultimate provider in one stroke. It's’ spanking new working mechanism efficiently maintain the functionality of the taxi booking app business that eases your burden to a greater extent.

Basic Features in all our On Demand Booking Solutions

You Will Get

1. Website Frontend
2. Admin Backend
3. 2 Android Apps for User and Provider
4. 2 IOS Apps for User and Provider

Comes With

1. Paypal / Stripe / Cash as default payment methods
2. Push Notifications
3. Real Time Booking & Tracking
4. Calling Option

App Features

This app will provide you with following features.
1. User can see a registered service provider on map based on location.
2. User can see profile of service provider.
3. User can post a task and nearest service providers will be notified.
4. Online location tracking as service provider moves.
5. User can rate service providers after task has finished.
6. App will have Paypal Payment gateway.
7. App will have Cash on Delivery option.
8. App will send push notifications to alert both User and service provider for all important events.

App Screens

This app will have following screens.
1. Splash
2. Home
3. Map to view nearest service providers
4. Profile
5. History
6. Paypal/stripe/custom
7. Cash on Delivery COD
8. Login/Sign up

For Taxi

Like Ola, Uber, Lyft

For Tow Trucks

Like Beepcar, BreakDown

For PC Repair

Like TheMechanicable

For Mechanic

Like YourMechanic

For Massage

Like Zeel

For Maid

Like GetMaid

For Laundry

Like FlyCleaners

For Grocery

Like Grofers

For Food Delivery

Like Swiggy

For Courier

Like Veex

For Cleaning

Like WisChen

For Beautician

Like GlamSquad


Multi Language

We can translate the entire app to a language of your choice. Also we can bring in multiple languages of your choice.

Time : 2 Days

Pricing: $100 per language / $300 per language ( if multi language )

Surge Pricing
Hike in Price

There are moments in a day when traffic is intense and services are on high demand. This should not keep your premium customers waiting. People are ready to pay a premium & you can allow them by turning on Surge Pricing when needed.

Time: 4 Days

Pricing : $800

Any Gateway

Get any payment gateway integrated just provide us with the api and details of the same.

Time: 2 Days

Pricing: $100

Recurring Payment
Subscription System

There is one another way of making money using these on-demand apps. Instead of charging a percentage fee on each ride, you can get the Drivers ie. service providers to pay a flat weekly/monthly/yearly subscription for the lads you provide. Enables you to run the business hassle free and keep collecting recurring fee from the service providers.

Time: 4 Days

Pricing: $600